2 Life-Changing Marketing Hacks

That will get you more views

Arlo Sanchez
3 min readAug 9, 2023
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Let’s get straight into it.

Awareness Levels

There are 5 customer awareness levels:

  1. Problem Unaware: they don’t know they
  2. Problem Aware: they faced a problem and need a solution
  3. Solution Aware: they know solutions exist (they just need yours)
  4. Product Aware: they know your product exists (now they need details)
  5. Most Aware: they need a nudge and some promotions

But Arlo…

What’s the point of knowing this?

You see.

It will help you grow your audience the right way.

Just because a market is saturated doesn’t mean you can’t succeed. There are billions of YouTubers, millions of writers on Medium, and (insert number) of people on Twitter (or should I say ‘X’ now?).

The reason why people fail to stand out is because they don’t know how to analyze the market.

Take a look at this:

image taken from the internet (not mine)

As you go down the awareness levels, notice how the market size increases. You could target more people… however, it’ll be harder to sell your product (since they aren’t emotionally invested in solving their problems yet).

This article is targeted to the unaware market.

Look at the headline: 1 Marketing Hack I Learned

  • Is a problem being solved? No
  • Am I targeting a pain? No
  • Am I sharing my solution? No

But why would you do that Arlo?

Well. 2 reasons.

  1. Growth (by targeting a larger audience)
  2. Medium

Since 99% of Medium’s articles are targeted to problem unaware I started asking myself, “why are people on Medium?”

  • writers want to make money online
  • readers want to read cool stuff

Given that’s the case, why should I focus on something hyper-specific on a platform that doesn’t cater to it?

It’s like climbing a tree with only using rollerblades.

Doesn’t make sense.


Combine this with awareness levels and you become dangerous.

Positioning is your own version.

If everyone else is teaching you how to write 500 words a day, I could position myself as how to write in any saturated niche.

That’s positioning.


If I started writing articles about “How to get a 68% conversion rate in any saturated niche” on Medium…

I’d not get much views.


Because of awareness levels AND positioning.

Sure I could write about that.

But is that the most logical thing to do given the market?

Not really.

Oh, by the way, positioning isn’t just about being unique.

It’s about being valuable.

Ask yourself, “What does my ideal reader/customer need?”

Then identify what skills or strengths you have.

Let’s say you’re efficient at writing and you’re a freelance writer.


“You know how most writers take weeks to write an article? Yeah I can do it in 48 hours without sacrificing quality”

You’re targeting clients who value time and output.

These could be:

  • journalists
  • news articles
  • business owners that want to spew out content everyday like it’s candy at some kid’s dinner party


Once you’ve nailed your positioning…

Understand your audience’s current awareness levels.

Then cater it to that.

Ideally, you’d want to target problem unaware first…

Then as they follow you on Medium or Twitter and add or subscribe to your newsletter, you can raise their awareness levels.

Start talking about their problems more.

Start amplifying the pain they feel about them.

Then offer your solution.

Frame it as THE solution for them.

Then make money.


Hope this helps. It’s a bunch of theory but it’s based on the strategy of George Ten who built a $8.5M store for his client using these strategies.

Here’s where you can find him: https://twitter.com/GrammarHippy?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor

P.S. I suggest reading his free ‘Copythinker Black Book’ since it’s a GOLDMINE. Alright. That’s all I gotta say. See you.