3 Reasons Why You Need a Morning Routine

If You’re a Part-Time Writer

Arlo Sanchez
4 min readJul 20, 2023
Photo by Yara on Unsplash

I’ve tried almost every popular morning routine out there:

  • 20/20/20 from the 5am club
  • Stoicism morning routine
  • basketball practice at 6:30 am

I’ve tried taking them slow.

I’ve tried rushing to school.

While these routines were helpful, I’ve ended up changing them to suit my needs.

With diverse priorities which were studies, business, fitness, basketball, family, friendships, and reading…

I found it hard to decide what I should prioritize first.

This gave me a headache.

When I started the day with meditation, breakfast, exercise and showering, I’d be too tired when I get started working.

It would already be 10 am and I haven’t started studying or working on this business.

So I tried the opposite.

I focused on studying for 60–90 minutes.

But then I’d get lethargic and bored.

I craved exercise and being healthy.

I needed to find a morning routine that perfectly suits my needs and preferences.

Luckily, I’ve found one.

But before I share it, I need to help you understand ‘why’ you need a morning routine.

It’s simply because my morning routine might not be the one for you.

It’s perfect for me because I know my purpose and my preferences.

We are not the same.

So before you hop onto mine, try it, fail to see progress and then curse me for not delivering…

Let’s dig deeper to your inner psyche.

Because if you know your ‘why’ we can craft the perfect routine for you.

The Purpose

There are 3 main reasons to build a morning routine:

  1. To Save Time
  2. To Focus on Priorities
  3. To Build Predictability

1) To Save Time

Routines are done so you don’t have to think.

When a routine is repeated enough times it becomes a habit.

Therefore, you don’t have to think about what you need to do next.

You’ve already structured it.

Doing so, you save time which could be spent focusing on what’s important to you.

Think back to soldiers in the military.

They had strict morning and evening routines.

Why? So they could save time.

In case there’s an emergency attack or invasion, they can save time and focus on the mission.

A routine would help them be more efficient.

They wouldn’t need to think:

“Uhh where’s my uniform? Where do we go? What time do we leave?”

Bro, there are people dying.

That’s more important.

So try to see yourself as a soldier.

Your goal is to save time so you can ‘save lives’ which in this case is whatever’s important to you right now.

2) To Focus on Priorities

Your purpose won’t come to you.

You need to carve out time for it.

“As of now, spend a minimum of one hour a day doing whatever you are waiting to do until your finances are more secure” — David Deida (Way of the Superior Man)

But if you’re like me and you have a lot of responsibilities to do, you know it’s hard to find time for what you want to do.

This is why waking up with a purpose — to fulfill that one hour with excitement and intention — is best done through a morning routine.

Don’t overcomplicate this.

You don’t need to stay up late, quit your job or leave a relationships.

Simply wake up with purpose.

Have a plan for your morning. Do what you’re meant to do. And carry on the rest of your day knowing you accomplished what’s important to you.

For me, my most important thing is building my personal brand.

And the most important task is writing this newsletter.

It’s 8:37 am in the morning right now and I’m writing.

This gives me purpose and fulfillment.

I know this will help me achieve my goals.

There is meaning.

And since it’s important to me, I went to bed last night excited to wake up in the morning.

Trust me — it’s the best feeling ever.

The reason why you fail to get out of bed every morning is because you lack a strong purpose to.

What is it you really want to do?

What goal do you want to accomplish?

What purpose do you want to fulfill every day of your life?

Journal your answers to these questions, think about it, then continue reading.

Next, you’ll realize that not everything can fit in your routine.

Be ruthless.

Use the Pareto Principle (or the 80/20 rule)

Find the 20% of priorities that will give you 80% of results and fulfillment.

Cut out the rest.

I had to get rid of: school organizations, YouTube video creation, DM outreach, writing on Medium (this is just a copy-paste from my Newsletter by the way).

So I could have more time on: writing my newsletter, networking on Twitter.

I chose my newsletter because I can repurpose my tweets, my Medium articles and my threads from it.

I use most of my brain on writing my newsletter (the 20% that gives me 80%).

That’s how I was able to get more engagement on Twitter — my quality newsletter.

3) To Build Predictability

“I like mixing things up”

The point isn’t to be boring and bland.

The point of predictability is knowing what you can get done.

It’s knowing that “oh I can hang out with my friend at 10am because I know I’ll be done with my most important task by then”

Predictability is being able to control your life in your own hands.

It’s knowing you can indulge in other priorities in your life (if you accomplish your morning routine well).

I use Google Calendar for this.

In Summary:

Find your why. If you have a purpose for waking up and conquering the day, you’ll have no problem with getting things done.

Here are my reasons:

  1. To save time
  2. To prioritize
  3. To build predictability

Hope this helps!